Rock Drilling Tools

Lotus DTH Hammers
The ‘Lotus’ DTH Hammer have been developed after extensive research, which ensures best quality giving hammers longer life with less need of maintenance, less wear and tear, thus giving the end user more drilling meterage and optimum performance.
Lotus Button Bits
‘Lotus’ – DTH (down the hole) Button Bit are available in different sizes ranging from 3’’ to 14’’ to suit different application. To give peak penetration in water well drilling as well as blasting holes for mining / construction industry, ‘Lotus’ Button Bits are made from the best of the alloy steel.
Lotus Tricone Bits
Pioneers in the industry, we offer Rock Roller Tricone Bits such as TCI Tooth Rock Roller Tricone Bit and Steel Tooth Rock Roller Tricone Bit from India. Best international quality Rock Roller Bits are available in both TCI (Tungsten Carbide Inserts) & Milled Steel Tooth types in all sizes .
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