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Why Distribute Lotus Products?

Lotus Pipes and Rock Drills truly cares about our distributors, we understand that selling our products can only be accomplished through excellent teamwork. It is this understanding that causes us to consider the potential impact on our distributor network with every decision we make. Our job is to maximize the sales of our product through our distributors, placing them in the best position to succeed and allowing everyone to profit. We accomplish this maximization by providing our distributors with a unique combination of benefits that help sales of Lotus products flourish. These include: 

Competitive Prices

Our unique manufacturing processes and corporate structure enable us to produce products at costs cheaper than the industry standard. We are then able to pass this value on to our distributors, providing them with an increased profit margin. Our pricing structure is designed to maximize sales, enabling everyone in the supply chain to benefit.

Marketing Support To Distributors

In order to ensure our distributors are receiving maximum sales of Lotus products, we provide a range of services. We believe that a collaborative effort leads to a prosperous relationship for both parties, which is why we offer digital marketing, social media marketing, risk management solutions, a presentation at all major industry exhibitions, and an extensive word of mouth network of industry contacts. Through these efforts, we hope to build a flourishing relationship with our distributors.

Product Samples

The faith we have in our products is unwavering, causing us to provide our potential clients with samples of some of our products. We want to put a Lotus product in their hands, allowing let them to test the quality and reliability for themselves. Our past sampling experiences have always been positive, leading to increased trust and reliability of the Lotus brand.

Product Quality & Reliability

Combining industry knowledge, a history of importing & exporting goods, and sophisticated machinery, Lotus Pipes and Rock Drills is able to ensure quality throughout our entire process. Operating in various segments throughout the drilling industry for 31 years has allowed us to truly understand the quality required to satisfy the needs of our customers. We have been successfully operating throughout the globe during this time period, forcing us to create a product which adheres to standards in about every country including DIN, ASTM, BS, & IS. Pipe extruder machine, CNC Lathe machine for threading and a Slotting machine are just a few of the many standard machines that can be found throughout our manufacturing facility. We are also able to manufacture products to customer specifications, producing custom designs to meet their needs.

Shipping Reliability

Our products are housed in warehouses throughout the United States, providing us with the ability to fulfill our customers’ orders in a reasonable time frame. All PVC screens and casings, up to 8-inch diameter, are hermetically sealed in polyethylene bags on both sides prior to shipment. PVC screens and casings are shipped in double walled cardboard boxes or skidded and wrapped in plastic with a color coded label containing a full description of the product and quantities. The label indicates the number of pieces, the diameter of the pipe, and the threads per inch, as well as a picture of the product.

Why Not Start With A Sample?

We welcome your request to obtain samples for Lotus PVC Riser, Screen, Pre Pack Well Screen and other accessories.

Interested To Become A Distributor?

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