Our History

our history

Originally beginning in 1986 as Shakti Mining Equipment Pvt Ltd., 5 brothers in the Varma family decided they wanted to found a company that functioned as a manufacturer and exporter of the widest range of Crushing & Screening Plants along with Road Compaction & Material Handling Equipment, covering a vast spectrum in Mining, Construction, and drilling Equipment field. They found major success in their native and foreign land and built a brand with their long and reputed history in the construction, mining, rock drilling and PVC pipe industry.  A lot has changed since those early days in Nasik city, Maharashtra, India, with the brothers going on to find individual success. Each has kept their passion for their businesses and dedication to retaining the family atmosphere though, which were the hallmarks of their group success.

One of the brothers, Raj Varma, the founder of Kamal Import Export Inc., had personal ambitions to create his own firm in the industry in order to satisfy his inventive entrepreneurial spirit. Due to the knowledge that he had amassed during his time as the Export Director for Shakti Mining Equipment, he decided to form his own trading company in 2000 named Kamal Import Export Inc. His decision to remain in the industry allowed him to continue to build relationships with consumers in a variety of segments. Through conversations and accumulated knowledge over the years, he began to ascertain that the industry was lacking a firm that was attempting to push the envelope with innovative processes that would reduce costs and keep quality standards high. He realized that his combination of knowledge in drilling and PVC pipe industry production and exporting could be leveraged into solving this problem.


In 2006 he created a branch in his business that would specialize in the manufacturing of PVC pipes & rock drilling tools with a brand name Lotus.  Mr. Varma strategically selected a factory location that was only 20 miles from the head office building, in order to ensure easy communication and overview of the new business branch. The factory premise was to be named the Lotus Enclave, and featured an area large enough to manufacture all of their products in-house. Included in this large premise were standard industry machines, which Lotus had purchased in an attempt to show their commitment to succeeding in this manufacturing venture. These machines included a pipe extruder machine, CNC Lathe computerized machine for threading, pipes Cutting unit and an automated Slotting machine which are all integral in producing the quality products Lotus has become known for.

Lotus’ products were extremely well received by customers, leading to a massive expansion of the company due primarily to word of mouth sales. The ability to manufacture products to global industry standards, while maintaining competitive prices created a formula to produce products that are unrivaled by competitors. Since the decision to expand into manufacturing, Lotus Pipes and Rock Drills’ products can be found in 32 countries throughout the world. This amount of growth in a relatively short period of time is a testament to the firm’s intense focus on improving their core competencies and delivering this value to their consumers.

Now in 2017, Lotus Pipes and Rock Drills has set their sites on penetrating North American markets, founding a subsidiary firm in America’s production heartland, Cleveland, Ohio. Lotus Pipes and Rockdrills USA Ltd. is now focused on bringing their quality standards and value to the American consumers so that they might experience Mr. Varma’s vision as well.