Lotus Tricone Bits


TCI Stands for Tungsten Carbide Insert. These Tricones are designed for soft to very hard formations depending on the style and quality of the carbides on the drill bit, sealed bearing TCI Tricone bit or without gauge protection.


Manufactured as per API Standards and specifications with superior quality steel, advanced technologies, designed for use with compressed air or fluid circulation systems. Regular and Jet circulation available.

1. Center Jet

Centre Jet is mounted at the centre of the bit. They are effectively used to prevent bit bailing in sticky formations.Available both in convergent and diffuser type

2. Mini Extended Nozzle

They are used to increase rate of penetration in soft to medium-soft formations. These nozzles keep the jet flow closer to the hole bottom. When the bit has miniextended nozzles, ensure that the bit does not rest against the noz z les during makeup or breakout of bit.

3. Gauge Protection Inserts

These are profiled inserts pressed in the outer edge of the gauge face. These protect the gauge of the bit in abrasive formations. Gauge protection inserts are standard on TCI Bits.

4. Extended Shirt Tail & Ball Plug Protection

Tungsten Carbide inserts are pressed into the shirt tall area to provide extra protection of ball plug and shirt tail.

5. Air Circulation

This is available in milled tooth & TCI Bits to drill with air as a circulation media. Some part of air flow is utilized to clean & cool the bearings.

6.Body & Shirt Tail Protection

Additional protection to the leg body & shirt tail whilst drilling in abrasive formations & in the directional drilling applications.


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