Lotus PVC Pipe Divison

lotus pvc pipe divison

The industrial plain ended pipes are lead-free non toxic for potable water. Extruded from 3/4″ (19mm) to 8″ (200mm) diameters.Best for pipe fricators

The ‘Lotus’ PVC Riser/Casing & Screens are durable, lightweight and easy to install. Available sizes are 1/2″ to  12″ diameters with length of 3′, 5′ & 10′. We have power to customize sizes as per the markets’ requirements. Contact one of our distributor to check availability near you. 

‘Lotus’ is leading manufacturer supplier of PVC Blue Rigid Casing throughout the Europe, North Africa, & Middle East. Lotus PVC Rigid Casings range from 19 mm to 400 mm diameter. We strictly follow ASTM, BS, IS & DIN Standards. Customization in products is available. 

The ‘Lotus’ Prepack Screens are available in a variety of sizes from  1/2″ to 4″ diameters with standard length of 5′ & 10′. We specialize in Manufacturing Pre pack Screens, thus, we can offer customization as per markets’ requirements. Contact one of our distributor to check availability near you. 

The ‘Lotus’ HDPE Casings & slotted screens range from 3/4″ to 4″  diameter. Manufactured as per DIN 5925  Trapezoidal threads flush joint connection. 



The ‘Lotus’ PVC Gravel Prepack well screen are compliant to DIN 4925. Kamal Import Exports Inc.  is the only manufacturer in the world who has build the DIN 4925 compliant  with socket & flush joint. Completely new in the market. Supplied in Europe, Middle East & North Adfrica

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