HDPE Well Screen & Casing DIN 4925

‘Lotus’ HDPE Pipes

Extruded using 100% virgin grade HDPE compounds, the Lotus HDPE range of pipe have an average life of more than 50 years under normal working conditions.

Lotus HDPE pipes are manufactured strictly conformity to DIN 4925 & IS 4984:1995 standard specifications. The custom threads & slots can produced against samples offered by the customer. The Lotus HDPE well screen & casing are used by the local water, government  bodies & private sector authorities and are known as the top mark for quality. The granting of the top mark confirms that the company’s manufacturing, testing and quality control systems complies with the stringent licensing requirements and thus ensures that the products quality is consistently maintained. 

HDPE Pipe Specification

Size20 mm to 500mm
Unit LengthUpto 6m
Thickness2mm to 25mm
Flow Rate (Litre Per Hour)Approx 8 LPH
Pressure2.5 Kg/Cm2 to 20 Kg/Cm2
Pressure class2.5 bar to 32 bar
Diameter20mm Up to 500 mm

‘Lotus’ HDPE Pipes Availability: Coil form & Lengths for various size



Pipe Size

Available Coil Length

Straight Length (single length)


20 – 25 mm

Up to 500 meters

1, 2,3 & 6 Meters


30 – 40 mm

Up to 500 meters

1, 2,3 & 6 Meters


50 mm

Up to 250 meters

1, 2,3 & 6 Meters


63 – 75 mm

Up to 200 meters

1, 2,3 & 6 Meters


90-110 mm

Up to 50 meters

1, 2,3 & 6 Meters


125 mm & above

Up to 12 & 6 meters

1, 2,3 & 6 Meter


  • Light-weight for ease of installation and handling. Alternative installation techniques possible
  • Immunity to corrosion, chemical and micro-biological resistance
  • Flexible
  • High impact strength and toughness
  • Examined and tested to ensure to compliance with all the relevant standard specifications. The specified tests are all carried out in our laboratory. They are as follow:-Appearance, dimensions and ovality, Hydro static strength at 80° C for 165 hours , Hydro static strength at 80° C for 1000 hours
  • Oxidation Induction Time (OIT) Melt Flow Rate (MFR)

Salient Features

  • Manufactured as per DIN 4925, DIN 8074, IS 4984:1995 standards.          
  • Available Grades: PE-63, PE-80, PE-100 and newly invented PE 100 material that is approved by international agencies such as Bodycote, Germany. 
  • SPECIALTY HDPE PIPES: with Threads and Slots: Suitable for Geo –Thermal drilling application
  • Lotus HDPE pipes are manufactured as per requirement of clients with regards to special requirements like Threaded Ends with all types of thread configurations. We also provide pipes with Slots (Screen Pipes) suitable to requirement of clients
  • Pipes are manufactured either in long coils or 6 meter length depending on pipe dimensions and customer requirements.
  • Best quality pipes at most reasonable prices. Pipes that meet your needs.
  • Special customer requirements are accepted.