Who are we?

Lotus Pipes & Rockdrills USA Ltd., a subsidiary of Kamal Import Exports Inc. is a leading manufacturer & 100% exporter of Lotus Brand PVC Screen, Casing & water well drilling products. Established with the dedication and ambition to manufacture high-quality PVC Pipes, we have a thirst to excel in this industry. Lotus is engaged in pipe extrusion & in-house manufacturing of all types of  PVC Casings & Screens ranging from 19 mm to 400 mm in diameter. Our success is attributable to the dedicated staff & workers who never leave any stone unturned to achieve the unachievable. Lotus Rigid PVC Bore Well/Water Well PVC Casing & Screen made out of virgin first great Formosa American brand resin & compounding raw materials. You can learn more at our website www.lotuspipesandrockdrills.com


What is the product range of Lotus?

Below is the list of products manufactured and exported by Lotus:

  • PVC Casing and Screen Pipes: As per ASTM and DIN standards
  • HDPE Pipes: Available in all pressure ratings
  • Prepack Well Screen Pipes: As per DIN and ASTM standards
  • Rock drilling tools and accessories: DTH hammer, Tricone Bits, Button Bits, Etc.
  • Other Well accessories: Manholes, Well Protector, End Caps, Rubber bungs, etc.


How is Lotus different than other PVC pipe manufactures?

Lotus offers the most competitive & reasonable prices in the global market & has the ability to customize the order in no time. The company has achieved a remarkable turnaround in the past year. Lotus is committed to offering reliable & quick customer service. The company has a huge manufacturing facility that allows Lotus to produce high-quality, durable & premium pipes. Last but not the least, the founder of Lotus RAJ VARMA has more than 30 years of export knowledge which allows Lotus to bring the best quality products to your doorsteps anywhere in the world quickly & safely. 


Does Lotus fulfill the customized needs of clients?

Yes, Lotus Do fulfills customized needs of the client such as giving the customized length of pipes as per the requirement, Special printing of company name if requested, Wooden packing for more safety of pipes, Packing of pipes in Poly-bags to avoid scratches over pipes, etc.


Does Lotus Provide Raw tubes or complete end-user products?

Lotus does provide raw tubes as well as complete end-use products with threading and slotting over pipes. Lotus has a Complete In house plant to manufacture and export products directly to distributors, Suppliers, Special projects, etc.


Which all Standards do Lotus Follows for manufacturing and exporting PVC pipes?

Lotus manufactures & supplies pipe as per all below-mentioned standards:  IS 4985 / IS 13592 / IS 12818, DIN 4925, 8062 ASTM 1785/F480, BS 3505, SABS & SAZ


Who are the buyers of lotus PVC screens?

Lotus has all different types of customers from small scale to big scale. Buyers typically include:

  • Water well drilling & well construction supplier
  • Wholesalers & Distributors
  • Bore-well/water well drilling contractors
  • De-watering contractors
  • PVC Casing & screen industrial supply importers etc.
  • Government tendering enterprises


Is Lotus Open for a contract pipe extrusion Job?

Yes, Lotus has multiple pipe extrusion lines and can do B2B, M2M, and contract OEM jobs for extrusion of pipes as per the customized specification given by clients.


What is the minimum order quantity?

MOQ for lotus pipes is 20’ container, Lotus do ship out 20’, 40’ as well as 45’ container as per the requirement of the client.


How does the shipment go from Louts? 

Export shipments are in huge quantities through 40ft & 20ft containers. Lotus accepts LCL orders (less than container load). Local road transportation in the US & Canada. 


How are pipes packed in containers?

Lotus offers various custom packing solutions. Every country has different practices of pipes stuffing in containers. Lotus mainly packs pipes in wooden skids, pallets & stacks them up in containers (mainly for the US, Canada, Middle East & Latin America). Pipes are also loaded in loose telescopical style in one other, which gives the maximum capacity to load pipes. Loose pipes stuffing helps to compensate for the freight cost as you load more or less in the container, the container freight is always the same. It’s better & smart to load the container to its fullest weight & load capacity.


How many tones can go in 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft container?

Approximately 20 to 23 tons of pipes can go in 20ft, 24 to 26 tons in 40ft container & 25 to 27 tons in 45’ container.


What will be the approx Import Expenditure and transport cost to bring products from Lotus in container load?

The Approx expenditure to Import Goods from Lotus shall be 15 to 18% of the value of the goods purchased. One interesting thing to note here is the style of stuffing the container which lotus follows to saves the freight cost to a greater extent, below is an example for better understanding.

Assume you have 200 nos. of 225mm 3 meter casings pipes loosely stuffed in a 40ft container. Therefore, believe it or not, you can telescopically stuff 200 nos. of 165mm, 125mm, 88mm, 60mm, etc. casing pipes inside one another. The sequence will follow a 60mm casing inside of 88mm casing inside of 125mm casing inside of 165mm casings inside of 225mm casings. The total nos. of 3 meter pipes that will fit in a 40ft container will be 200 x 5 = 1,000 nos. of all five sizes pipes. Thus the freight cost will be the same but no the pipes will increase and fit in the same freight cost.

Key Factor to Remember: ocean freight cost of a container does not depend on the weight of a load it carries, it is always fixed between any destinations


What is the Approx transit time for shipment from Nhava Sheva to countries in Europe, Southern South Africa, Middle East, Latin America?

  • Countries in Europe like France, Germany, Ireland, etc. approx. transit time is 30 to 35 days.
  • For Countries in Southern South Africa like Namibia, Algeria, Egypt, etc. Approx transit time is 18 to 25 days.
  • For countries in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan approx transit time is 12 to 20 days.
  • For Countries in Latin America like Colombia, Texas, California approx transit time is 35 to 40 days
  • For Countries in North America like Canada, approx transit time is 40 to 45 days.

(Above transit varies depending on the route of vessel.)

How to connect to the factory/company representative?

You can always go to https://lotuspipesandrockdrills.com/contact-us/ or write to us at info@lotuspipesandrockdrills.com 

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