How Pipes are Loaded in Container?

Telescopic style loose PVC pipe container loading . . .

Save your import shipping cost, pay in fractions.

How to Minimize Your Ocean Freight When Buying PVC Pipes from Lotus? “Importing PVC Pipes can be cheaper than your local buy” We bet!

Case Study - Why Telescopic pipe loading is BENEFICIAL?

Example Covered: India to UK Shipment of PVC casings 3 meter - 113mm casings inside of 140mm casings inside of 165mm casings inside of 200mm casings in a 40ft container telescopically.

The sole purpose of this case study is to educate the future golden clientele of Lotus who are new to import of PVC pipes. This case study will explain you how to save shipping cost on imports of pipes, pipe quantities that will fit in 40ft & 20ft container, different types of pipe loading styles & brief description on maximum container space utilization through telescopic style stuffing which leads to reduction in cost of ocean freight per piece of pipe. The example used in this case study will help you to understand how you can compensate your shipping cost with a smart move.

In my previous article “A Complete Buyer’s Guide” you might have noticed that there are three types of pipes packing styles that Lotus offers to load a 20ft or 40ft container, which are: 1.Skid type with pallet 2. Wooden Frame with lease to lift up 3. Loose pipes telescopic stuffing


Product Specification: DIN 4925 uPVC Well Casing & Screen Pipes

Applications: Deep Well/Bore well, Water Well/Bore Well Construction & Dewatering, Groundwater drilling, Water well drilling, Bore well drilling, etc.

Diameter: 113mm, 140mm, 165mm & 200mm 

Length: 3 meter Lenght 

Joint Type: Flush Thread Joint

Standard: DIN 4925

Export Container: 40ft Container

Port of Dispatch: Mumbai Port, India

Country Exported to: UK from Mumbai port India

Out of these three types, only telescopically pipe loading style will save your ocean freight cost compared to others because it allows to utilize the maximum room/space/air in the container. How is that? The pipes of smaller diameter can easily fit inside of the larger diameter pipe. Thus, several combinations of pipes of larger outer diameter & smaller outer diameter pipes can be stuffed inside one another to fully load the container space. Point to remember – the length of pipes has to equal, i.e. 3 meter pipe has to go inside of 3 meter pipe. The quantities of socket connection type pipe will be different & may vary in telescopic loading. The diagram below clearly demonstrate the telescopic pipe loading:


The above picture represents the drawing of telescopic pipe stuffing that you can use to work out your required sizes of pipes to fill the container to its maximum capacity. The example shows 9 casing pipes inside of 225mm casing pipe, however, you do not have to necessarily put these many pipes inside larger diameter pipe, it is OK to telescope 3 or 5 pipes depending weight of the pipe & container overall payload. The reason I say that is because it is important also pay attention to container payload capacity i.e. if 40ft container is restricted to have payload of 27 tons, we cannot exceed that limit of 27 tons. Also, in some countries, truck transportation does not allow to carry a container with payload over 24 tones. Thus, these are the important factors to be careful of.

Assume you have 200 nos. of 225mm 3 meter casings pipes loosely stuffed in a 40ft container. Therefore, believe it or not, you can telescopically stuff 200 nos. of 165mm, 125mm, 88mm, 60mm, etc. casing pipes inside one another. The sequence will follow 60mm casing inside of 88mm casing inside of 125mm casing inside of 165mm casings inside of 225mm casings. The total nos. of 3 meter pipes that will fit in a 40ft container will be 200 x 5 = 1,000 nos. of all five sizes pipes.

How is the Ocean Freight Cost Compensated with Telescopic Style Container Stuffing?

Example – Consider the below example

Given Data:

1. 40 ft container shipment of Flush Joint 3 meter length PVC Casing Screen pipes

2. Container payload capacity – 27 tons [27000 kg] 

3. Shipment from India to UK.

4. Ocean freight cost (shipping cost) from India to UK – $2300.00.

5. Order quantities mentioned below

6. All three containers will have same sizes of pipes to check which one can carry the most.

Key Factor to Remember: The ocean freight cost of a container does not depend on the weight or a load it carries, it is always fixed between any destinations


1. With wooden frame lease packing, you can fill only 1273 nos. of pipes but you pay the ocean freight cost US $ 2300.00 which is for the full payload capacity of container.

2. With pallet skid type packing, you can fill only 1227 nos. of pipes but you pay the ocean freight cost US $ 2300.00

3. With Loose Pipe telescopic packing, you can fill almost the double the no. of pipes i.e 2640 nos. for the same ocean freight cost US $ 2300.00.


  1. The more the space you use in the container with pipes, less the shipping cost comes. Whether you load the container half or full, you will pay the same cost for shipping container, then why not fill it full ?
  2. Only loose pipe telescopic stuffing can use the maximum space in the container, thus, which compensates your shipping cost. Lotus will assist you & suggest how many pipee of your required sizes can fit in the 40ft or 20ft container to full the capacity of container
  3. You get more quantity of pipes in one shot with freight cost in paid fractions. US $ .87 in above example.

*Important Notice from Lotus

Lotus has been shipping Loose telescopically stuffed PVC pipes in 20ft & 40ft container since last two decades. Thus, based on the expertise & experience, Lotus assures you the following:

1. Telescopic pipe stuffing is not risky

2. Pipe do not get damaged with breakage or stretches

3. Foam packing & protection assures that pipes are reached to importer in good condition

4. Unloading of pipes does not take many labors, just two worker can easily unload the pipes

5. Lotus can help you to find out how many nos. of pipes of different sizes can telescopically fit in the 20 ft or 40ft container.

I hope this helps you to understand importing PVC pipes is not costly & how you can save your money on ocean freight cost. If you have any question related to Lotus pipes import or container quantities, etc., do not hesitate to contact me at

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