Corporate Mission And Vision

Corporate Mission

Lotus Pipes and Rockdrills Manufacturing Co. has a mission to expand our family, inviting our various customers throughout the world to become a part. We hold our values in extremely high regard, and use them as a compass to guide all of the decisions that we make. The relationships that we have been lucky enough to make throughout our time in the drilling and PVC pipes industries are what have brought us such success and it is for this reason Lotus has such a flourishing amount of partners, customers, networks and global presence. We are committed to the satisfaction of anyone that interacts with a Lotus product, and anticipate a long and prosperous relationship with them.


Our Vision

We attempt to accomplish our mission by building tangible relationships with all of our clients. This fosters a level of honesty, trust, and open communication unparalleled in the industry. Through these relationships we are able to overcome any problems that may arise together, allowing everyone to prosper. We strive to fulfill the industry’s needs by manufacturing products they can trust. Lotus’ Pipes and Rockdrills contain tremendous quality and value to ensure that jobs are successfully completed the first time.

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