About Us

About Lotus

Since our foundation, Lotus Pipes & RockDrills Manufacturing Co., has existed in order to supply our customers with products of incredibly high quality at competitive prices. Our secret stems from our vast experience in the water well and global drilling industry, providing us with unique perspectives that have been accrued over time and passed on to our valued customers.

In order to truly serve our customer’s needs, we have designed products for a majority of the industry throughout our existence. These products include: rock drilling tools & equipment, Lotus DTH hammers & button bits, Lotus Tricone Bits, Lotus rigid PVC (uPVC) pipes, and Environmental PVC well products and accessories. We specialize in manufacturing PVC risers/casings, screens and pre-pack well screens for monitoring well and other environmental well application for North American Market. This expansive array of offerings has provided us with an innate knowledge of our customers’ needs, allowing us to cement the Lotus name as an industry leader who have the proven versatility to accomplish any problem.

While versatility is an important cornerstone of our company, our specialty can be found in our PVC pipes and rock drilling tools. It is in these two industries where Lotus is really able to set new standards with our state of the art pipe extrusion technology and sophisticated machinery. Our production processes not only meet DIN, ASTM, BS, and IS international standards, but also attempt to deliver completely unique products that improve our customers’ efficiency.

Driller throughout the world rely on Lotus PVC pre pack well screen